Universal Fleet Management System
for AGVs and AMRs

Elevate your AGV & AMR fleet performance with Navithor - Universal Fleet Control. Reach stable production flow in any traffic density and any application.

Navithor Fleet Control is the next-generation Universal Fleet Management system with advanced scheduling and production flow algorithms. It is a complete software solution that guarantees accurate, continuous, and highly efficient automated material handling with any AGVs and AMRs. 

With Navithor and the supported VDA5050 interface, you can reach the highest efficiency of the diverse fleet, combining any vehicles in the same system. 

Intelligent route planning

A clever routing system with lots of additional route options, many planned bypasses, high density even in intersections.

Real-time updates

AMRs and AGVs drive on preplanned routes that get updated in real time and can be changed dynamically.

Obstacle Avoidance

Driving around the obstacle is possible but rarely necessary, as oncoming traffic is considered.

Efficient Traffic Management

“Wild” crisscross routes give plenty of choices for optimal traffic management and efficient material flow.

Dynamically planned routes

AGVs and AMRs have full AMR functionality but drive on dynamically planned routes and route sections at optimal speed.

Diverse Fleets

Combine vehicles from any vendors in the same fleet via VDA5050.

Case: fleet of 42 AGVs in an automated factory

Navithor has been successfully used to coordinate this autonomous material handling system for a few years already. A large automated fleet is continuously running at the Europe’s largest washing machine factory in Turkey, comprising of 42 AGVs working in 3 shifts.  

Navithor vs Traditional Fleet Management Systems

Our extensive 25-year experience in automation industry empowered us to develop a top-tier Fleet Management Software that handles diverse fleets in any circumstances. 

See the comparison of our Universal Fleet Control to traditional methods:

AGV drives on a fixed route from A to B based on the traffic situation at the time when the drive order was placed to the AGV.



Each AMR plans its own route independently from the other vehicles.



Optimal routes are assigned by the the Fleet Control System considering multiple factors. High flexibility is guaranteed at any time due to advanced scheduling and production flow algorithms – the route can be changed on the go if any disturbances occur. 



Navithor Fleet Control combines

the best of both worlds

Fleet efficiency is our main priority in any given circumstances, and number and types of vehicles. Our state-of-the-art fleet management software combines the best features needed for efficient and optimal traffic and production flow:

Orchestrate diverse fleets with VDA 5050

Enjoy steady production flow with advanced traffic management

Coordinate your fleet and orders with mission management

Track live performance with detailed analysis tools

Design the most productive automation system with the simulation tool

Take the efficiency of your autonomous fleet to the next level with Navithor

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