Navigation software by Navitec
Anywhere, in any weather

Highly accurate localization and navigation even in dynamic environment

Any vehicle type

Using natural feature navigation

Navitrol is based on natural feature navigation to provide highly accurate and robust navigation for any AGV & AMR type, indoor and outdoor.

Additionally, Navithor – Universal Fleet Control by Navitec allows managing very large systems with various vehicle types in one fleet. Simulation ensures optimal system performance and drastically reduces installation time. 

Case: High Precision Navigation in an Automotive Production Site

Smart factory with 30 AGVs that use Navitec positioning for just-in-time parts supply for an automotive production site.


Accurate navigation (+- 1 cm) even in a rapidly and constantly changing environment with sensor fusion

Precise localization and navigation

By using natural feature navigation, Navitrol can provide extremely accurate results in navigation and localization, even in dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Positioning accuracy and stability are far superior to any ROS-based systems.

Natural feature navigation, also called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) navigation, uses laser scanners that identify objects in the environment. The system compares these measurements with previously created map points to position and navigate AGVs.

Navitec uses its own proprietary algorithm that ensures the highest positioning and navigation accuracy in the market.

Visit this article to learn more about natural feature navigation.

Multiple features available for the most efficient material handling

Vehicle controls - any vehicle type

Full warehousing capabilities

Sensor fusion - combine multiple scanners

Automated by Navitec

Automated by Navitec

Combine your vehicles into one fleet

Automate multiple vehicles and manage them in the same fleet for the highest performance and cost-efficiency. Managing orders, tracking the whole system in real-time, automatically assigned optimal routes and multiple advanced functions are available with Navithor – Universal Fleet Control.

Benefits of natural feature navigation

Flexible system

No need for additional
hardware like reflectors, tapes,
or wires

The facility can stay the same

Provides real-time
environment data

Allows AGVs to avoid obstacles

Cost-efficient solution

Highly adaptable to changing production environment

Scalable and diverse – you can
use many different AGVs in
the same system

Sensor fusion options IMU, dGPS, 3D-camera, 2D-code reader, reflector navigation, and more

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