Navitec Master Classes

Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your automation system

For OEMs and End-Users

Knowing how to manage the software can increase speed, effectiveness, and quality of work. After careful analysis of our customers’ requests, we created master classes tailored to meet your needs and elevate your workflow.

We prepared three different levels of trainings – starting from the basic one to the advanced level – to make working with our software more enjoyable. Whether you’re an OEM or an end-user, our master classes provide valuable insights and practical knowledge specific to your role.

Become a certified Navitec expert!

Increased efficiency of work

Our software master classes are focused on guiding the users through each step to achieve a deep understanding of Navitec software principles. We are sharing the best practices to enhance the efficiency of our customers’ operations, and let you accomplish the tasks more quickly and effectively. 

Avoid production interruptions

Knowing how to troubleshoot and make small fixes helps avoiding production interruptions. Your workers will be capable of setting up the automation processes correctly and resolving minor issues quickly without any external help. 

Competitive advantage

Understanding automation software leads to higher productivity and more efficient material handling processes. This guarantees a steady flow of materials, and you can enjoy seamless automation processes and gain a competitive edge.

Navitec Training Levels

Professional Grade Master Classes

Highly experienced specialists

Our trainings are only conducted by engineers with a solid track of hands-on experience at customers' sites. 

Practical exercises

You will have an opportunity to try the software in practise and get immediate feedback from our specialist. 

For OEMs and End-Users

We created trainings that address the special needs of both OEMs and End-Users.

Get answers

We reserve plenty of time for you to ask any questions and get profound answers from our highly qualified engineers.

Next training available:

Basic Training

Espoo, Finland:
Hamburg, Germany:

Basic Training

You need this training if:

  • You are a new or less experienced Navitec product user

Knowledge required for this training:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Know how to use the Internet and browsers
  • Language knowledge: Master Classes in Finland (Helsinki) are conducted in English, Master Classes in Germany (Hamburg) are conducted in the German language

After the training, you will

Navitec Applications

Know how to use Navitec Software

  • Understand how to use Navitec applications in various cases
  • Features and capabilities of each Navitec application

Know how to use the navigation software

  • Know the basics of AGV systems
  • Know good practices for teaching and environmental guidelines
  • Create a new project, add and edit routes and use symbolic points
  • Drive an AGV using drive order, manual drive, custom route, etc.
  • Design production maps
  • Use the test tool
  • Know and differentiate between distinct production types
  • Identify errors and perform debugging steps
MicrosoftTeams-image (13)
Navitec Systems Trainings

Know how to integrate and use the Navitec Fleet Control

  • Initialize an AGV, give drive orders, enable/disable AGVs, and route sections
  • Add, remove, or modify resources
  • Take a map into production
  • Take logs for troubleshooting purposes
  • Be able to reset the system

We cover the main topics needed to efficiently work with the automation software:

Covered topics:

  • Introduction to Navitec navigation and fleet-management applications and their features
  • Parameter Configuration
  • Different production types
  • Creating and retrieving teach files
  • Generating production environment
  • Creating and working with routes, adding symbolic points, reflectors, etc.
  • Fleet Control User Interface
  • Giving drive orders to AGVs
  • Visualising routes
  • Modifying resources
  • Taking Logs
  • Practical training for navigation software
  • Practical training for fleet management software
  • Practical exercises involving the main steps of work
  • Error handlings, including practical exercises for possible issues

Basic Training at Navitec


Conducted in our headquarters in Espoo, Finland (near Helsinki) or in Hamburg, Germany


You will get the official Navitec certificate after completing the training


3-Day program

  • Day 1 (09:00-17:00) – Introduction, Navitrol theoretical and practical training
  • Day 2 (09:00-17:00) – Fleet Control theory and practice
  • Day 3 (09:00-12:00) – Q&A Session 

 The training is available for max. 6 participants

Training schedule 2024

Trainings conducted in Finland, Espoo:

Trainings conducted in Germany, Hamburg:

Become a certified Navitec Expert with our Basic Level Master Class at Navitec

Learn the basics and principles of automation with our software and speed up your operations

Another possible training location: Hamburg, Germany

Intermediate and Advanced Training

Currently, we provide modular training for intermediate and advanced levels tailored to our customers’ requests. Please contact us with your desired training topics to get a custom workshop for covering your specific needs.

Do you have any questions related to our trainings or do you want to get a training for intermediate and advanced levels? Contact us

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