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Privacy Policy
1. Controller or the register
Navitec Systems Oy, Vanha maantie 1, 02650 Espoo, Finland

2. Contact person for register matters
Hannu Mäkelä, +358954898780,

3. Name of register
Navitec’s customer, partner and marketing register.

4. What is the legal basis for and purpose of the processing of personal data?
The basis of processing personal data is the company’s legitimate interest based on a customer relationship or other relevant connection between the parties or the performance of a contract.
The basis of processing personal data is:
• The delivery and development of our products and services
• Fulfilling our contractual and other promises and obligations
• Taking care of the customer relationship and communications
• Organizing events
• Collecting feedback, deviation and satisfaction data and other similar measuring of customer experience

4. What data do we process?
We process the following personal data of our customers or other data subjects (like individuals participating in our trainings) in connection with the register:
Customer/partner data of the register
• Customer /partner
• Customer number
• Contact person(s)
• Role of the contact person and title and/or prefix of name
• Contact details
• Address
• Telephone number
• E-mail
• Customer history (e.g information relating to orders, invoicing and debt recovery)
• Customer feedback and contacts
• Possible prohibitions of direct marketing
• Information relating to trainings and events, such as participation data
• Possible profiling data collected from the use of our website, such as what pages has the user browsed and for how long
• Possible other data relevant for the purpose of use of the register.

5. From where do we receive data?
We receive information primarily from the data subject him/herself or from the company he/she represents by telephone, online, in events or in other similar ways.
In addition, for the purposes described in this privacy policy, personal data may also be collected and updated from publicly available sources and based on information received from authorities or other third parties within the limits of the applicable laws and regulations. Data updating of this kind is performed manually or by automated means.

7. To whom do we disclose data and do we transfer data outside of EU or EEA?
We do not regularly disclose personal data to third parties. Data may however be disclosed to authorities under compelling provisions.
We use subcontractors that process personal data on behalf of and for us. We have outsourced the IT-management to an external service provider, to whose server the data is stored. The server is protected and managed by the external service provider.
We do not disclose personal data outside of EU/EEA.

8. How do we protect the data and how long do we store them?
Only those of our employees, who on behalf of their work are entitled to process customer data, are entitled to use a system containing personal data. Each user has a personal username and password to the system.
The information is collected into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The databases and the backup copies of them are in locked premises and can be accessed only by certain pre-designated persons.
We store the data as long as it is necessary for the purpose of processing the data. We estimate regularly the need for data storage taking into account the applicable legislation. In addition, we take care of such reasonable actions of which purpose is to ensure that no incompatible, outdated or inaccurate personal data is stored in the register taking into account the purpose of the processing. We correct or erase such data without delay.

9. What are your rights as a data subject?
Everyone in the register has the right to check his / her data stored in the register and to demand that any incorrect information be corrected or incomplete information supplemented. If a person wishes to check or request correction of his / her record, the request should be sent in writing to the controller of the register. The controller may, if necessary, request the applicant to prove his identity. The controller is responsible to reply to the customer within the time limit set in the EU Data Protection Regulation (usually within one month).

10. Who can you be in contact with?
All contacts and requests concerning this privacy policy shall be submitted in writing or in person to the person mentioned in section 2.

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