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Espoo, Finland




Our journey began with automating machinery in the mining and nuclear waste handling industries, paving the way for material handing with AGVs and AMRs. Today, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art automation solutions for wide range of industries, including automotive and manufacturing. 

Navitec has developed advanced products in this business area: Navitrol is a software package for vehicle positioning and control, and Navithor is a fleet control software for synchronising the operation of autonomous vehicles.

These products are sold worldwide, and the company is devoted to further developing them and the related tools according to the needs of their customers. Navitec’s target is to grow and take a large share of the worldwide market in their business area. 

Job description

In this role, you will help drive the company’s products forward by creating new features and improving existing ones. Navitec’s products are applicable to a wide variety of industries, including aviation, automotive, logistics, and healthcare.

You will work with Navitrol software that controls AGVs and AMRs in factories, engineering workshops, and warehouses all over the world.

As an ideal candidate, you have some years of professional programming experience in C or other proven records of your skills. The job description is quite flexible and can later be expanded according to your own interests.

In the future, you will have the opportunity to participate in various aspects, such as designing customers’ AGVs and their interfaces or taking part in commissioning the AGVs. At Navitec your own ideas will be valued and you will be encouraged to share them with the team!

Responsibilities in this role:

  • You will work with software that controls AGVs / AMRs in factories, engineering workshops and warehouses all over the world

The role involves:

  • Developing new features for the software
  • Writing interfaces to new sensors, motor controllers or other robotics related hardware
  • Helping our customer support in solving customer issues
  • Taking part in specifying new features
  • Testing the software with real and simulated AGVs

Skills that are required to succeed in this role:

  • Good programming skills in C
  • Previous experience in working in a team of software engineers
  • Previous experience with Git or similar version control systems
  • Fluent English
  • Interest in robotics and logistics

Familiarity in any of the following areas would be an excellent addition to the required qualifications:

  • Fieldbuses, such as CAN
  • Motor controllers
  • ROS and ROS2

Navitec Systems offers:

  • Low hierarchy and flexible company culture in an innovative organization
  • The chance to see your own work efforts realized into actual solutions
  • Global business environment with international clients and a opportunities for business trips (e.g. to the US and Europe)
  • Competetive salary

This position is a great opportunity for a person with good programming skills and an interest to become an expert in a highly respected industry. We will consider all candidates with at least some programming experience. This is a permanent full time position and will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. The work will begin upon agreement.

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