Navitec welcomes Jouni Sievilä as new CEO

Navitec Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Jouni Sievilä as its new Chief Executive Officer. Jouni Sievilä brings over two decades of invaluable experience in automation, having previously served as the Vice President of Engineering at Navitec.

In his 20-year journey with Navitec Systems, Jouni has demonstrated a deep understanding of the automation industry, a commitment to innovation, and exceptional leadership skills. His extensive background makes him an ideal leader to guide Navitec towards continued growth and success.

The transition in leadership is part of a carefully planned strategy to ensure a seamless shift in executive responsibilities. The former CEO, Hannu Mäkelä, will continue to contribute to the company’s success, utilizing his expertise as a Senior Advisor to the company’s management. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth leadership transition, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining our position as an industry leader.

“I have been the CEO of Navitec Systems for over 25 years, and it is now time to give the lead to younger people,” said Hannu Mäkelä. “With the accumulated experience at Navitec, I can say that success has never depended on one person, but we have acquired our success as a team. My own role has included choosing the right people for various responsible positions, and where I believe I have succeeded well. I have full confidence that Jouni’s choice as Navitec’s new CEO is also an excellent choice, and I believe that the company will prosper even better under his leadership.”

Jouni Sievilä expressed his excitement about the new role, stating: “I am honored about the trust the board gave me to become the new CEO of the company. It is the perfect time to jump to the CEO seat when the company is stronger than ever before. We have excellent customers who are delivering world-class automation systems for various industries, and our people have learned to know the needs of the AGV systems and are developing the best software in the world for those who want to automate their production.”

Navitec looks forward to a prosperous future under Jouni Sievilä’s guidance.

Navitec Systems is a market leader in automation software for AGVs and AMRs, focusing on navigation and fleet management software for indoor and outdoor vehicles. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we have consistently been at the forefront of the automation industry for 25 years.

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