LogiMat 2023 – come meet us!

This year we are excited to participate in LogiMat 2023 with our partner, GIM Robotics. The exhibition is taking place on April 25-27 in Stuttgart Messe, Germany. 

Navitec Systems – the world leader in natural feature navigation and fleet control, and GIM Robotics – 3D environmental modeling, localization, and situational awareness wizards – are presenting their breakthrough automation solutions at Logimat 2023, in Hall 6, Stand F12

The unique synergy of the partners allows for fully automated material handling, both indoor and outdoor, in any weather.

“Designing innovative and highly productive automated material handling solutions together with our OEM customers is Navitec’s trademark, and we are thrilled to expand our automation solutions to powerful outdoor navigation jointly with our partner GIM Robotics,” says Matthias Otto, VP of Sales of Navitec Systems.

Together with the engineering team of our clients, we can develop vehicles and systems which will operate indoors and outdoors with the same modular software and sensory setup. 

GIM Robotics has its roots in the Automation Technology Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology, which was founded in 1985 by Professor Halme. Since 2014, as a private company GIM Robotics’ universal 3D mapping and localization solutions have been used in a variety of industrial applications by our OEM partners, including agriculture, forestry, marine, construction, railways, and more. 

Navitec Systems is the leading automation software and service provider for AGVs and AMRs – navigation, vehicle controls, and fleet management. With Navitec’s modular software stack and hardware-independent infrastructure, our customers can quickly design competitive vehicle automation solutions with Universal Fleet Control and WMC/WCS.

This year, we at Navitec will celebrate our 25th anniversary. With more than 60 OEM customers worldwide and a growing number of large international corporations standardizing on Navitec Fleet-Control, we are proud to present our technology at Logimat 2023. Automation solutions from Navitec Systems take the efficiency of intralogistics and any other application to the next level. 

A combination of our technologies resulted in the cutting edge automation offering: 

Indoor & Outdoor navigation, Universal Fleet-Control
Any Logistics applications, anywhere in any weather


  • Indoor and Outdoor Material Handling Solutions
  • Full Warehousing functionality 
  • Block-stacking, deep lane stacking, tugger trains, full racking functionality, etc.
  • Automotive assembly lines, Manufacturing Systems, Factory Automation
  • Cleaning machines
  • Cranes and mobile lifting
  • Hospital systems
  • Construction equipment
  • Harbor systems
  • Mining


Complete modular software stack for OEM-customers including:

  • 2D-Navigation
  • 3D-Navigation, anywhere in any weather
  • Vehicle controls
  • Fleet Management
  • Simulation Tool


  • Infrastructure-free
  • Navigate Indoors and Outdoors anywhere in any weather
  • Hardware independent automation solution
  • Modular software stack
  • Universal fleet-Control with VDA5050 option
  • Simulation Tool
  • 2D- and 3D-sensor fusion technology 
  • Any application, any vehicle, any size of fleet
  • Shortest integration of first vehicle – guaranteed time in quote
  • Electrical, hydraulic and any wheel geometry

Navigation Technology:

  • Natural feature navigation, 2D and 3D laser
  • No reflectors needed 
  • Sensor fusion options: IMU, GPS, Radar, docking sensors, cameras (2D and 3D), etc.
  • Synchronized driving of two or more AGVs


  • Efficient Fleet-Simulation Tool – configuration can be used for real system
  • Advanced scheduling and production flow algorithms 
  • Traffic and order management 
  • Accurate and highly efficient fleet management 
  • Full connectivity to customer WMS, WCS, MES via:
    • Ethernet TCP/IP. Rest-API, OPC-UA, SAP option (customization available)

Are you planning to start with AGV & AMR automation, or do you have any questions about our navigation and fleet control solutions? Book a free demo or call our Sales team. We will be happy to talk!

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